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Richard B. Bailey succeeded Chief Paulding to become Grafton's next Police Chief serving from 2001 until 2004.  Lieutenant Wayne Tripp served as interim chief after Chief Bailey.  In 2005, Chief Normand A. Crepeau, Jr. became the next Chief of Police.

In October of 2006, the Grafton Police Department moved into their new police station located at 28 Providence Road.  The opening of the new station ushered in a new era for members of the Police Department and Town of Grafton.

Personnel Through the Years

Chief McNamara was succeeded by James P. Kearnan

Chief McNamara was succeeded by James P. Kearnan.

After Chief Kearnan, Russell Messier served as Grafton's next Chief of Police until 1998.

After Chief Messier's retirement, Peter Paulding served as Chief of Police from 1998 until 2001.

In 1958, Chief McNamara, Sr., was succeeded by his son, Henry J. McNamara, Jr.  He served until his untimely death at age 49 in 1979.

In 1971, Grafton's first permanent police headquarters was built at 26 Providence Road

Chiefs of Police

In 1943, Selectman Henry J. McNamara, Sr. became Grafton's first Chief of Police. He served as Chief until 1958

Left to Right: Valmore Mathieu, James Kearnan, Chief Henry J. McNamara, Jr., Edward Gendron, Roger Porter

The first Grafton Police cruiser was a 1956 Ford sedan purchased at the cost of $1960.00.  In 1958 the police department purchased a station wagon cruiser / ambulance. Throughout the years the department cruisers have changed in style, size and colors.

The first dispatch office was located in the Town Hall at the Grafton Common.  Dispatch was later moved to the Center Fire Station on Worcester Street. During off-hours, dispatching for many years was provided by Eileen Gately from her North Grafton home.  The photo below shows Grafton's second Chief of Police, Henry J. McNamara, Jr. with the first four, full time, regular patrolman in front of Grafton Fire Station 1, where the dispatch operated out of for a number of years.

In the early days, Grafton Law Enforcement was the job of the deputy sheriffs and constables. In 1736 there were two constables.  The number of constables increased to seven in 1879. In later years, the Chairman of the Board of Selectmen also carried the tile of Chief of Police.

The Grafton Police Department began with a "call" or "special" police officer force, becoming a "regular" / full-time department in 1960 with three full time officers.  At first, radios were installed in personal vehicles.

History of the Grafton Police Department